Animated Maps


This map shows nutrient measurements over the TMDL limit
some of the early data however was collected before TMDLs
were established

code based on: Easy Animation in R

#get staion info and nutrient data
station <- read.csv("station.csv")
result <- read.csv("result.csv")

station2 <- dplyr::select(station, 
CountyCode, MonitoringLocationIdentifier, 

result2 <- dplyr::select(result, 
ActivityMediaName, CharacteristicName,

#join based on monitoring site
dat <- left_join(result2, station2,
by = "MonitoringLocationIdentifier")

#get map from ggmap
li <- get_map(location = 'long island', zoom = 8,
maptype = "roadmap",
color = "bw")
datN <- filter(dat, CharacteristicName=="Nitrate")
datN$nutrient <- "nitrate"
datN2 <- filter(dat,CharacteristicName=="Nitrite")
datN2$nutrient <- "nitrite"

datA <- filter(dat, CharacteristicName=="Ammonia")
datA$nutrient <- "Ammonia"

datA2 <- filter(dat, CharacteristicName=="Ammonium")
datA2$nutrient <- "Ammonium"

dat2 <- rbind(datN, datN2, datA, datA2)

dat2$timek <- format(as.Date(dat2$ActivityStartDate), 
#create list of times used to save unique plots
times <- unique(dat2$timek)

#loop through all times, and save ggplots as jpeg

for(i in 1:length(times)){
t <- times[i]
m <- ggmap(li) + 
geom_point(data = dat2[dat2$timek == t,],
mapping = aes(x = LongitudeMeasure, 
y = LatitudeMeasure, color= nutrient),
size=3) +
ggtitle(paste("Nutrient Measurements"), t) +
theme(legend.position="bottom") +
scale_colour_discrete(drop = FALSE)
title <- paste("map",i,".jpg",sep="")



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